Virtual Assistant

what is virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is generally self-employed. And who is working remotely from a home office who provides: (Source : Wikipedia)

  • professional administrative
  • technical
  • creative assistance
  • and any other tasks that can be done virtually.

It is pretty much the same as an administrative assistant or office manager. And the only difference is, he/she is working remotely from a home office.

As a manager or a business owner you probably have a lot of tasks and responsibilities and having an assistant will make their life easier.

For an employer, one of the advantages of hiring a VA is the flexibility to contract for whatever service they need.

And it helps in cutting down their expenses too, since they are working offsite.

So there’s no need for an office wherein you pay for the rent, electricity and internet service.

An online personal assistant provides her own home office computer and internet service.

Mostly, the tasks of a Virtual Assistant includes:

  • scheduling appointments
  • making phone calls
  • booking for restaurants
  • hotels and other travel arrangements
  • managing email accounts
  • data entry

But some would hire an online personal assistant for clerical works and bookkeeping.

There’s a new opportunity as well for virtual assistant who are skilled in:

  • social media
  • content management
  • copy writing
  • blog post
  • and other internet marketing.

Indeed the demand for VA is really expected to grow.

So if you are in need of a Virtual Assistant.

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